Fiera Capital Defensive Global Equity Fund

Fund Objective

To achieve over the longer term the highest possible return that is consistent with a fundamental investment philosophy through investment primarily in foreign equity securities.

To provide long-term capital appreciation through a portfolio of broadly diversified securities, by region and industry, invested primarily in the U.S. and international markets.

The Fund will, through the use of risk and portfolio management techniques, reduce the draw down potential that is typical of long only equity portfolios. This active management is expected to provide a margin of safety and, over the long term, smooth out the returns in comparison to long only equity portfolios.

Management Style

The Fiera Capital Defensive Global Equity Fund (the “Fund”) overlays risk and portfolio management techniques on a portfolio of global equity securities selected by the managers of the underlying Fiera Capital Global Equity Fund (the “Underlying Fund”). The equity portfolio of the Underlying Fund invests in best-of-breed companies with superior growth potential at attractive prices and takes a bottomup, research focused approach. There is an emphasis on stock selection rather than sector allocation within a focused yet diversified portfolio. The Fund then employs risk and portfolio management techniques on the portfolio which include purchasing put options, writing call options, and initiating stop loss limits thereby reducing equity exposure in order to ensure that downside risks are limited.

Reasons to Own the Fund

  • Provide long term capital appreciation by investing primarily in global equity securities
  • Complimented by active management expected to smooth out returns and protect against losses typical of long only equity portfolios
  • Attempt to enhance returns and reduce volatility by providing a margin of safety over the long term in comparison to long only global equity portfolios.

Fund Details

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As at 2017/12/08
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Performance (%)

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Management Team

Nadim Rizk, MBA, CFANadim Rizk, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President and Lead Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Nadim Rizk is a member of the Global Equity team and is the lead manager of the U.S., International and Global equity strategies.

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Mr. Rizk has over 19 years of industry experience and joined the firm in 2009. Prior experiences include positions as Head of Global Equities, Lead manager for U.S. and Global equity portfolios, as well as Senior Global Research Analyst positions at some of Canada’s leading investment management firms.

Mr. Rizk graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), majoring in Finance. He later obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from McGill University and also obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Alexandre Hocquard, Ph.D.Alexandre Hocquard, Ph.D.

Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Systematic Investment Solutions

Alexandre Hocquard is Co-Leader and Lead Portfolio Manager of Fiera Capital’s Systematic Investment Solutions (SIS) team. He oversees the management of several systematic investment and market risk management strategies.

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Alexandre Hocquard is Co-Leader and Lead Portfolio Manager of Fiera Capital’s Systematic Investment Solutions (SIS) team. He oversees the management of several systematic investment and market risk management strategies.

Mr. Hocquard has 11 years of experience in the investment field and joined the Firm in 2016. He previously held positions as Lead Portfolio Manager, Customized Systematic and Quantitative Strategies, with major investment management firms. He also worked as a Portfolio Manager, Alternative Strategies, for a Canadian institution.

Mr. Hocquard holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Quantitative Methods from HEC Montréal and has published several scientific papers in university and institutional journals.


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